Expansion Records is delighted to announce the release of “Free” by Patrice Isley! Patrice Isley, the soulful songstress known for her mesmerising renditions of timeless classics, is back with a stunning new release. Her latest single, "Free," is a heartfelt cover of Deniece Williams' 1976 hit, which soared to the top of the UK charts in May 1977.

In her soulful rendition of "Free," Patrice Isley infuses her unique style, slowing down the tempo and delivering the song with a breathy sensuality that adds a new layer of poignancy to the already powerful message. With her remarkable vocal range and emotive delivery, Patrice Isley pays homage to Deniece Williams while making the song entirely her own.
Reflecting on her connection to the song, Patrice shares, "I loved this song as a little girl. I loved Deniece's voice. It was easy to sing along with. The chorus was beautifully 'catchy,' and the message was strong, 'I want to be Free!'" As an adult, Patrice appreciates the message of love and freedom coexisting in a relationship, making this cover particularly meaningful to her.
Patrice has been performing "Free" live in recent years, consistently receiving an overwhelming response from audiences. One listener even dubbed it "The Women's Anthem," highlighting its enduring relevance and universal appeal.
Patrice Isley's rendition of "Free" is not only a homage to a classic but also a testament to her mission of creating music for audiences who still cherish the timeless sounds of the past. With her soulful vocals and heartfelt delivery, Patrice Isley brings new life to this beloved classic, ensuring its place in the modern music landscape.
"Free" is due for release on the 29th of March via all major streaming platforms. Stay updated with Patrice Isley's latest releases and performances by following her on social media @patriceisley, visiting her website, and subscribing to her YouTube channel.
Notes For Editors:
“What I thought would be different in this recording I found out Deniece did in the original!,” Patrice says. “I used male background singers. Turns out Deniece used Maurice White (EWF) and Sidney Barnes as background vocalists! The other difference was my idea to reach a higher vocal register than she did in the original. This was not easy to achieve!! I did it, however (modestly stated). Another point of note,” says Patrice “one of my backing singers is Ron Stansfield who announced at the end of the recording session he is, indeed, Deniece Williams’ cousin!”

With a passion for spreading hope and love through her music, Patrice Isley strives to fill the void left by departed legends in the realm of Soul Music. Her sacred mission continues to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide.

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